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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

‘Great Communities’ have fair HOAs

East Valley Tribune, Letter to the Editor, Nov 8, 2004


The recent Tribune article on Arizona Great Communities still emphasizes property values over what really makes a community: the democratic and free exercise of the liberties and freedoms granted to all Americans.

In its criteria for the award, the Arizona Great Communities organization does have some worthy objectives: keeping reserves, informing members of who the officers and directors are and some "institutional" vendor educational requirements related to other board/founder affiliations.

These organizations focus on the status quo and teach current topics on management that have proven ineffective over the years, when used alone and without any courses in government, people relations, statutory obligations of homeowners associations, or an understanding of contract law for directors of HOAs.

These are sorely and desperately needed educational reforms yet to be seen after years of bringing these major deficiencies of HOA management to public awareness.

And why aren’t these topics covered? Because the special interests don’t want the public to know any serious problems with the loss of homeowners’ rights or the overwhelming powers granted to the board with little protections for the homeowners.

It’s time that these community oriented/HOA organizations deal with the reality before them.